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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two-Page Spread

Sorry posts have been scarce. Once I have my first set of midterms, it seems like the tests and projects never end. I wanted to drop in real quick to post a download. I saw an ad in a magazine that caught my eye. I'm not sure what the ad was now but it kind of had a brick-like pattern of pictures across two pages. I used that as inspiration for this template. Since a couple of the photos overlap between the two pages, I made one template for both pages together. When you want to print your layouts, you can just change the canvas size to 12x12 and select either the left or right side. I hope that makes sense. If not, feel free to email me with any questions. I may also try to post a couple of screenshots illustrating what I mean. In any case, here's the preview:


elnorac said...

Love this new template and feel privileged to be the first to say thank you. It's going to be fun to use, and thank you so much for making it two-page. I can't believe I used to scrap a page at a time; it's so much easier to do the full spread instead of juggling two windows to make sure facing pages look good together. You're so good to us! Thanks!

Amy J. said...

Thank you! I love double layouts and you don't see them much!

busynurse3 said...

I am new to digi and would love the screen shots, as I have never use a double layout. Looks great! Thanks!