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Monday, December 1, 2008

Entertainment Books

I love these things! They have saved me so much money. The trick, of course, is to only use the coupons on things you were going to spend money on anyway. Last year, I spent $20 and probably saved at least 5 times that.

If you have not already purchased your book, I saw a great deal posted in the forums. The Entertainment book is now $10 off plus free shipping. Also, if you are a registered Cashbaq member, you can get $10 cash back. If you are a new member, you also get $5 just for joining. For those of you not familiar, is a site that offers you varying percentages cash back on purchases you make from their site. Once your Cashbaq balance is over $10, they either send you a check or credit your PayPal account. I only just joined, so I can't really vouch for it personally, but I have seen several people talking about it on various money-saving forums.

Anyway, I just purchased my book. With everyone's finances hurting right now, I wanted to pass along the info. I hope it is able to help some of you out.

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