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Monday, December 22, 2008


Thanks to KraziKatLadi for pointing out some broken download links. I've re-uploaded the problem files, so they all should work now. If there are still any issues, please let me know.

Anyone else out there who has been meaning to make calendars but hasn't gotten around to it? Miss Mint's blog has a really great idea for a quick and simple calendar. You basically just take a photo and put a calendar stamp and mat onto it. Super easy. I made mine yesterday and printed it out this morning. I gave out CD case calendars last year and wanted to make "refills" this year. Instead of binding horizontal pictures, I just cropped the photos to the size of the CD case calendar pages.

** Update **
The following templates have been re-uploaded:
Let me know if there are any others that are not working.


Myxi said...

Thanks for all the updates. The link for Template 36 is not working. It says the file is not available.

mmikes said...

Thanks so much for all your templates. I especially like the double templates. Your time and talent is greatly appreciated.
Have a wonderful holiday.

mean mom productions said...

Wow didn't even know that the links system wasn't working,.

KraziKatLadi said...

Thanks so much for updating those broken links Lina. I truly appreciate it! I wouldn't want to miss out on a single one of your great templates.